The ankle is the joint that connects our foot to our leg. The ankle joint moves to allow us to push off and propel ourselves forward using our calf muscles in conjunction with muscles such as our tibialis posterior, flexor hallucis longus and many more.

Sports that involve repeated jumping and landing as well as pivoting and change of direction, such as football, soccer, basketball, netball, lacrosse, hockey, volleyball, tennis etc are common sports that put our ankles at risk of injury. In day to day life, ankle sprains or fracture are most commonly caused when we get into an awkward position due to uneven ground or a pot hole.

The most common ankle injury is a lateral ankle sprain (or inversion ankle sprain) and is explained in great depth via the ankle sprain button below. Other common injuries involving the ankle are ankle fracture, achilles tendinopathy, syndesmosis injury and posterior ankle impingement.

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