ACL Reconstruction rehabilitation

We know that it is already hard enough going through an ACL reconstruction, that’s why we don’t take any unnecessary risk when it comes to your rehabilitation.  

You need numbers on the following:
 Did the surgery go well?
 Do you have enough flexibility in your knee, hips and ankle joints?
 Do you have enough strength back in your leg muscles?
 Is your balance good enough?
 Are you powerful enough in the legs to absorb sudden forces such
as jumping and landing?
 What is your running technique like?

If you are unsure whether or not you are meeting these criteria don’t gamble with the health of your knee.

That’s why we created our world-leading assessment technology and processes to help get the best results with our ACL rehabilitation

Our team of Physios are experienced assessing your road to recovery and designing the best possible plan for looking after your ACL rehabilitation in
the Cheltenham, Highett, Bentleigh, Moorabbin and Bayside areas.

How can Physio Plus Cheltenham help you on your ACL rehabilitation journey?

1. Design an individualised rehabilitation plan to help you achieve your goals in our state-of-the-art rehabilitation gym or that you can do on your own. We will be base this on the most up to date research and make sure you have an accurate understanding of what the plan looks like.

2. We will utilise the Movement Assessment Tool and AxIT system!
Which will allow us to measure how you move so we can objectively show you where you are at in your rehabilitation and where you need to be.

3. We use only effective treatment techniques to reduce your pain and stiffness and help you feel better and move better.

4. We’ll help you take control of your condition and start to feel more confident in your knee.

5. We will help you get back to 100% and return to the things you love like sport and being active with friends and family.

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