Our Team

Tom McMillan FACP

Director & Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist | BPhysio, MMuscPhysio, APAM, Adjunct Lecturer James Cook University

Awarded Specialist by the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2014.

President Australian College of Physiotherapists. A recognised leader in the physiotherapy profession. Tom provides expert and specialist clinical services.

Yvette Porter

Senior Exercise Physiologist & Practice Manager | BHMSc, MExPhys, AES, AEP, ESSAM

A passionate EP, Yvette understands that sometimes “Exercise is the best medicine”.

Monique Rowlands

Senior Physiotherapist | BPhysio(Hons)(JCU), APAM

Monique is a physiotherapist with a keen interest in treating every patient like they are elite, whatever their ‘game’ may be.

Monique is confident with patients in the earlier and later stages of life.

Bianca Gauci

Operations Manager

Bianca steers our front-line management and is our Operations Manager at Physio Plus.

Matt Delaney

Matthew Delaney

Director and APA Titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist | BPhysio(Hons)(UON), BScience(UniMelb), MSportsPhysio (LTU), Titled APAM

Matt is a physiotherapist who thrives on creating a supportive and advantageous environment for all patients during their rehabilitation.
Matt has completed his Masters in Sport and Exercise Physiotherapy and continues to be integral part of the Williamstown VFL medical team.

Cathy Martin


A favourite of our patients, Cathy is an integral member of the Whitsunday administrative team.

Hayden Conner

Senior Occupational Therapist | BOccTherapy(JCU), OTAM

Hayden is a passionate OT who thrives on the idea of working towards the goals most important to every patient that can benefit from his care. 

Areas of special interest for Hayden are NDIS clients of all ages, DVA, work cover, as well as hand therapy, cognition, palliative care and home modifications.

Khadija Khelwaty

Physiotherapist | BHSc (FUSA), MPhysio (FUSA), APAM

Khadija has a strong interest in neurological rehabilitation, particularly in early developmental and adolescent care.
As well as this, Deej has some rare experience due to her time  consulting with the Survivors of Torture and Trauma Assistance and Rehabilitation Service over a number of years.

Alex Falkenmire

Senior Physiotherapist | BPhysio(Hons), APAM

Alex is a lover of fitness and is passionate about helping people move and feel better.

Rehabilitation of sports injuries is an area of particular interest for Alex is a good coffee.

Jessica Gauci


Jess is a member of our superstar administrative team in Mackay with strong clinical knowledge gained through her university studies.

Eliza Osborn

Eliza Osborn

Physiotherapist | BAppSc & MPhysioPractice (LaTrobe), APAM

Eliza, a dairy farm hand from birth and a lifeguard and pool manager while studying, Eliza is a driven Physiotherapist who thrives on musculoskeletal and sports physio presentations. 

Rehabilitation in keeping with every patients individual goals is Eliza’s forte.  

Wilson Tang

APA Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist | MMuscPhysio (LaTrobe) BPhysio(Hons)(JCU), BSc(Physiology)

Wilson has completed his Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, and is an APA Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. With a background in competitive badminton and a few marathons under his belt, he has a special interest in helping all athletes across the board.  
Wilson believes that empathy and education is key for maximising potential and long-term management.

Jessica Lyons


A qualified Exercise Scientist, Jess excels in her administrative role at PhysioPlus assisting staff and patients alike.

Tracy Boese


Tracy has extensive experience in medical administration and makes up part of our fantastic team in the Whitsundays.

Ashleigh d'Arx

Physiotherapist | BPhysio (Hons) (UC), APAM

A physiotherapist enthusiastic about assisting people in managing pain in the most effective manner, Ash likes education and improving every patient’s independence in their recovery.

Liam Mumford

Exercise Physiologist| BExSci(UC USA), MExPhys(JCU), ESSAM

Liam is a qualified Exercise Scientist, now Exercise Physiologist following completion of study in the USA while competing on the elite College Athletics circuit.  

Liam’s vast experience in elite sport gives him great insight into his professional patient guidance.

Nicolas Morokutti

Physiotherapist | BPhysio(Hons)(Griffith), APAM

Nick is a passionate Physiotherapist with a keen interest in adventure sports.

After completing an honours project investigating sensory processing and persistent pain, Nick is dedicated to helping anyone reach their goals and improve their quality of life.

Damien Tse

Physiotherapist | BHSc, Doctor of Physiotherapy (Bond), APAM

Damien is a passionate Doctor of Physiotherapy who strong background in exercise science and nutrition, completing internships in Australia, Canada, and the U.S. Most notably working with division 1 NCAA athletes at Stanford University, California, as well as professional MMA fighters.

Damien also enjoys training and competing in submission grappling and mixed martial arts.

Ralana Burgess


Ralana has extensive experience in Medical Administration both patient focused and process driven.

Ralana enjoys being part of the Mackay team at Physio Plus.

Margaret Stevenson


Margaret brings diligence and planning skills to the admin team in Mackay having worked at a local school for 12 years previously.

Margaret loves to hit the gym and is a skilful 10pin bowler.

Maggie Tatterson


Maggie brings energy and enthusiasm to the administration team in Footscray.

A healthy smile and efficient work sums up Maggie.

Outside of work, Maggie loves her puppy and heading out for dinner.

Mahmoud 'Mo' Ahmed

Physiotherapist | BPhysio, MPhysio (Cairo), APAM

With over 14 years of hands-on experience, Mo has cultivated expertise in musculoskeletal, sports injury & neurorehabilitation. His passion lies in helping individuals recover and enhance their physical well-being.

Beyond physio, Mo finds solace in the pages of a good book, cycling through Mackay’s scenic routes & reveling in the strategic challenges of playing chess.

Tehlia O'Shea


Tehlia compliments our administrative team by being a double threat. Excellent interpersonal skills and exceptional administraive ability.

Aden Raffaldi

Occupational Therapist | BOccThearpy (JCU), OTAM

Aden is a dedicated Occupational Therapist who thrives on a challenge. Aden has previous experience working in mental health as well as in the private setting in our Whitsunday clinic. 

Aden loves to fish and time out on the water when not at work.

Aimee Kersey

Physiotherapist | BPhysio(JCU), APAM

Aimee is a committed physiotherapist who works closely with patients to establish realistic and achievable goals as well as develop tailored treatment plans for each individual.

Passionate about current best practice, Aimee will use this knowledge for your best care.

Brittany Nicolas

Exercise Physiologist| MExPhys (JCU), ESSAM

Britt is a JCU trained Exercise Physiologist and a Mackay local.

Britt loves swimming and is a high level water polo player. Britt has a particular interest in Hydrotherapy, Mental health, Women’s health, and Chronic disease management.

Melissa Martin

Senior Physiotherapist | BSc Physio (SU), MPhysio (SU), APAM

Melissa is a passionate physiotherapist who believes that early movement and education is vital in rehabilitation for patients to  achieve their goals.
Melissa is a runner and also enjoys hiking, camping and beach walks.

LaRochelle Nell

Physiotherapist | BPhysio(CQU), APAM

LaRochelle thrives on fitness and helping others become a better version of themself.

LaRochelle is a skilled Physiotherapist who has a particular interest in managing sports injuries and performance rehabilitation.

Aiden Partridge

Physiotherapist | BHSci, MPhysio(FUSA), APAM

A Physiotherapist with a passion for sporting and Musculoskeletal injuries.
Aiden also has a keen interest in helping NDIS clients achieve their goals, having worked as a disability support worker while studying.
Aiden enjoys soccer, heading to the beach and being outdoors when not at work.

Melanie Yu


Mel is an enthusiastic and dedicated member of the administrative team at Cheltenham.

With strong communication skills, Mel excels in providing warm customer service and ensuring a seamless experience.

Liz Kinny


Liz is a welcome face on entry and a skilled part of the Mackay administrative team. 

Liz is driven to be effective and efficient at work while being warm and accommodating.

Tenille Batchelor

Practice Manager

Tenille has extensive experience in the NDIS sector and Allied Health Services and brings her wealth of knowledge to support our NDIS participants. 

Tenille is fastidious and tenacious about doing everything the best way.

Madison Green


Madison is a bubbly and bright member of the Mackay administrative team. 

Maddy has a strong background in management of people and processes and shows her skills in these areas daily.

Ash Gallant


Ash is a cherished member of the Cheltenham administrative team with her strong skillset and experience in IT.

Ash also studies laboratory science and from this brings a range of knowledge to the table.

Michael Ranger

Director & Sports Physiotherapist | BPhysio(LaTrobe), MSportsPhysio(LaTrobe), APA Titled Sports

A dedicated APA Titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist in private practice who likes to treat everyone like they are elite. 

Michael is a director of the Physio Plus Group.