Our Team

Denis Constantin

Senior Physiotherapist | BPhysio(LaTrobe), APAM

With three Commonwealth Games and one Olympic Games under his belt Denis has extensive high level sports experience.

Denis has a great track record in his work with work place injury and improvement in outcomes for all patients.

Chris Elphinstone

Senior Physiotherapist | BPhysio(JCU), APAM

Chris, an exceptional swimmer, keen fisherman and photographer, has been practicing at Physio Plus Mackay since 2010.

Chris has a keen interest in strength training and how best to use functional strength to reduce incidence of injury.

Tom McMillan FACP

Director & Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist | BPhysio, MMuscPhysio, APAM, Adjunct Lecturer James Cook University

Awarded Specialist by the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2014. Vice-President Australian College of Physiotherapists. A recognised leader in the physiotherapy profession. Tom provides expert and specialist clinical services.

Amy Parata

Senior Physiotherapist | BLS, MPhty(UQ), GCertMuscPhysio(Latrobe), APAM

Amy’s clinical interests include post-operative rehabilitation, athletes, Pilates, and core stability retraining.

Maximisation of strength through the low back, hips and pelvis are a focus of Amy’s physio expertise.

Nelson Abela

Senior Physiotherapist | BPhysio(JCU), APAM

Nelson has 10 years experience working as a physio, both in Australia and UK.  He has worked extensively in acute hospital, rehabilitation, chronic pain. 

Nelson has a particularly special interest in the shoulder, lower back and knee.  No matter the goal, whether it be returning to the work place or the sporting field, Nelson can help you out. 

Bianca Gauci

Operations Manager

Bianca steers our front-line management and is our Operations Manager at Physio Plus.

Lauren Neill

Senior Physiotherapist | BPhysio(LaTrobe), GradCertPhysio(PelvicFloor)(UniMelb), APAM

Lauren has a strong interest in Women’s Health Physiotherapy & general physiotherapy.

Further clinical study has allowed Lauren to establish herself as an industry leader in pelvic health physiotherapy in central Queensland.

Michael Freeman

Senior Physiotherapist | BHlthSc, MPhysioPrac(LaTrobe), MSportsPhysio(LaTrobe), Titled Member APAM

Michael has recently completed his Masters in Sports Physiotherapy and has honed his elite skills working at AFL level with North Melbourne Football club and with the Australia Ballet. 

Dale Riley


Dale has a passion for running and is an member of our Mackay administrative team.

Alice Ruddell

Physiotherapist | BPhysio(JCU), APAM

Alice was born and raised in Airlie Beach before moving to Mackay after completing her degree at JCU. 

Since graduation, Alice has undertaken further training in Pilates, spinal pain/injuries, dry needling and sports physiotherapy and loves the idea of maximising all patients function.

Cathy Martin


A favourite of our patients, Cathy is an integral member of the Whitsunday administrative team.

Alistair Houghtan

Physiotherapist | BPhysio(JCU), APAM

Alistair is an experienced sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapist. He is physio to the Mackay Magpies Senior Rugby League teams and has a special interest in knee and ankle injuries.

Leanne Webley


Leanne is an integral member of the Mackay administrative team and a friendly face you’ll see on entering our Mackay practice.

Christine Dunn

Senior Occupational Therapist | BOccTherapy(JCU), OTAM

Christine is a senior Occupational therapist with experience in adult occupational therapy, NDIS and DVA.

Christine is the leader of the Occupational Therapy team at Physio Plus.

Brayden Gaviglio

Physiotherapist | BPhysio(JCU), APAM

Brayden is a Mackay local who moved back to town after completion of his study at JCU.

Brayden has a specific interest in orthopaedics, sports and musculoskeletal conditions. Outside of work Brayden is actively involved in senior Rugby league as both a player and physiotherapist.

Yvette Porter

Senior Exercise Physiologist & Practice Manager | BHMSc, MExPhys, AES, AEP, ESSAM

A passionate EP, Yvette understands that sometimes “Exercise is the best medicine”.

Monique Rowlands

Physiotherapist | BPhysio(Hons)(JCU), APAM

Monique is a physiotherapist with a keen interest in treating every patient like they are elite, whatever their ‘game’ may be.

Monique is confident with patients in the earlier and later stages of life.

Jade Bidgood

Physiotherapist | BPhysio(JCU), APAM

Jade is a Mackay local who has recently moved back to town following completion of his study in Townsville. Jade is an elite runner and loves utilising his professional and personal skills and enthusiasm in rehabilitation of all patients. 

Jessica Brown

Physiotherapist | BHlthSc, MPhysioPrac(LaTrobe), APAM

Jess joins us from Victoria after finishing her studies at LaTrobe University.

Jess has a keen interest in neurological rehabilitation and disability services.

Jessica Gauci


Jess is a member of our superstar administrative team in Mackay with strong clinical knowledge gained through her university studies.

Seriani Lemarkat


A new member of the Whitsunday administrative team who brings youth and enthusiasm to our already great team.

Amy Rankin

Physiotherapist | BPhysio(JCU), APAM

Amy is an experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist having spent part of her career in the UK.

Amy has a special interest in knee osteoarthritis and is a GLAD Australia accredited clinician.

Alana Bellino


A qualified Occupational Therapist currently completing her Masters in Paediatric OT her skills in administration keep the practice running smoothly.

Max Shearwood

Exercise Physiologist & Strength Conditioning Coach | BExPhys, AEP, ESSAM

Max is a patient centered Exercise Physiologist with a strong passion for strength and conditioning and chronic disease management.

Wilson Tang

Physiotherapist | BPhysio(Hons)(JCU), BSc(Physiology), APAM

Wilson joins our team as a keen learner and particularly driven individual. Wilson has a keen interest in hips as this was his area of study for his Honours project.

Wilson is an avid badminton player, recreational marathon runner, and enjoys hiking in his free time.  

Jessica Lyons


A qualified Exercise Scientist, Jess excels in her administrative role at PhysioPlus assisting staff and patients alike.

Alex Falkenmire

Physiotherapist | BPhysio(Hons), APAM

Alex is a lover of fitness and is passionate about helping people move and feel better.

Rehabilitation of sports injuries is an area of particular interest for Alex as is a good coffee.

Matt Delaney

Matthew Delaney

Physiotherapist | BPhysio(Hons)(UON), BScience(UniMelb), APAM

Matt is a physiotherapist who thrives on creating a supportive and advantageous environment for all patients during their rehabilitation.
Matt is also part of the Williamstown VFL medical team.

Michael Ranger

Director & Sports Physiotherapist | BPhysio(LaTrobe), MSportsPhysio(LaTrobe), APA Titled Sports

A dedicated APA Sports Physiotherapist in private practice. Michael is a director of the Physio Plus Group.

Tracy Boese


Tracy has extensive experience in medical administration and makes up part of our fantastic team in the Whitsundays.

Jenna Bugeja

Occupational Therapist | BOccTherapy(JCU), OTAM

Having graduated from JCU in 2015, Jenna has been working in a variety of settings including private hospitals and occupational health clinics in Qld and the ACT.

Jenna is a keen athlete and a Mackay local.

Tracy Steel


Tracy has several years experience in Allied Health Private Practice Administration after starting her career in Banking.
Tracy is an asset to our Mackay administrative team.