Elbow – The elbow joint is the communication point of three bones, your humerus (upper arm), radius (forearm – thumb side) and ulnar (forearm – pinky side). The elbow works like a fancy hinge joint and allows us to bend our arm in and out as well as rotate up and down at our wrist. In and around the joint are the attachment points for our forearm extensor muscle group, forearm flexor muscle group our biceps as well as other muscles that assist in the movements of the upper arm.

The elbow can be injured traumatically through a fall and landing on an outstretched arm leading to potential fractures or dislocations. Commonly these will occur in heavy contact sports and motorsports. 

Overuse injuries around the elbow are more common and occur more slowly through repetitive use at work or at home. The most common of these overuse injuries include Golfer’s Elbow and Tennis Elbow.

These injuries and their management are explained in greater detail below. If you are being impacted by your elbow and would like to get back to doing what you love without pain, please make a booking with your physiotherapist.