Month: September 2020

Your health is important

Your health is important!

Don’t let your health needs, both physical and mental, go unchecked unnecessarily. Without feeling like a well functioning, adequately rested and emotionally stable and happy self, you are never going to be able to attack life with your normal vigour and assist and help others achieve the same.

The events of 2020, in particular Covid-19, have absolutely made us think about things differently. Please don’t feel like it is against the rules or selfish to seek care if you have aches or pains, thoughts or emotions that in normal circumstances you would have got on top of quickly and put behind you. Preventing deterioration of your functional independence, conservatively managing issues that in normal circumstances may have been seen by a specialist or operated on sooner and preventing significant increases in resting pain are all prime examples of reasons for you to get the care you need now.

Your optimal function and health is allowed and currently possible by seeking the expert advice of your local allied health professionals, psychologists, doctors and care givers.

Don’t delay! Speak to your trusted professionals today and be ready to attack life once the world is again what it used to be.

Pre and Post Pregnancy Exercise Group

From our Mackay premises, we offer group exercise classes that specifically target the areas of the body most vulnerable during the rigors of pre and post birth.

Our classes are run by expertly trained and skilled practitioners who have post graduate physiotherapy qualifications and dozens of years combined experience. Classes completed in the clinic utilise our Pilates reformer beds and home programs are designed on a floor based lumbopelvic control and Pilates model that allow continuation of your training in the comfort of your own home.

There is no need to feel that your discomfort from pelvic instability, low back pain or general feelings of malaise are simply part of the pregnancy and birthing experience. All of the symptoms associated with these issues, and many more, can be reduced significantly through regular training and the completion of individualised and appropriately graduated programs designed by the fantastic team at Physio Plus.

Our boutique classes are run regularly and can be booked either by calling and speaking to one of our exceptional administrative team or online via Make a Booking.


Queensland Cross Country

Jade 2020 QLD XC Championships

September the 5th saw Jade Bidgood compete in the 2020 Queensland Athletics Cross Country Championships held at Limestone Park.

Jade tore through the 10000m course finishing the Open Mens 10000m in a fantastic 13th place.

Well done Jade.

Jade obviously has a keen interest in the treatment of athletes, particularly runners. If you feel that Jade’s expertise could be of assistance in getting the most out of your running, please contact the clinic or book an appointment online with Jade today.