Month: November 2020

Our fantastic fingers.

Fingers, digits or phalanges, are the organs that we as humans use to manipulate, feel and move the objects that we need to live.

The use of our fingers and thumb set us apart from other primates.

Each finger has 3 bones connected with a complex network of joints and ligaments. Ligament injury and joint dislocation can inhibit function in the short term but if managed well shouldn’t impact long term function.

Other injuries involving the fingers include fracturemallet and trigger fingers. To find out more please visit the ‘Your Body’ page on our website.

Physio Plus Tropical Christmas 2020! 

Qld Christmas party 2020
Physio Plus Tropical Christmas 2020!🎄🌴
We look forward to our QLD team Christmas Party every year! So great to enjoy each other’s company and thank each other for the incredible work we do together.
Who could have predicted 2020? A horrible pandemic – currently at least 53 millions COVID cases and 1.3 million deaths worldwide. Masks became normal attire. Toilet paper sales skyrocketed. The Tiger King brought us together. Zoom became a verb. Telehealth became normal (we’ve been doing it since 2013!). The world has a renewed appreciation of science and health…
We rose to this challenge, we adapted, we innovated and we got through it together. But we’ve done better than just got through it, we’ve grown – our team is bigger and better than ever and we’re doing more than ever to improve #health in our community and across Australia.
What an honour to work with such a fantastic team! Thanks to the wonderful #Makcay and #Whitsunday communities we work in and thanks to the great team at The Dispensary Mackay for hosting our celebration! #Christmas 😀🎄 #Physio #EP #OT #Pilates🌴🌴 @thedispensarymackay @physioaustralia

Knee injuries

The knee is a particularly important hinge joint that connects our thigh to our lower leg. The bend available at the knee joint allows us to clear our foot and toes from the ground when we are walking and in conjunction with the hip and ankle, flex and extend at complimentary angles for best motion.

Injury to the knee can be debilitating due to it being a weight baring joint required for all upright locomotion.

Patellofemoral joint pain (PFJ) tends to cause significant pain particularly with deep knee flexion positions and walking down stairs and down hill.

Traumatic knee injuries caused by impact, twist and turn mechanisms while working or playing sport include ligament and cartilage injuries. Sports such as football, netball, rugby, lacrosse and hockey are sports that tends to have a high incidence of ACL and other ligament injuries. Cartilage can also be impacted through excessive use and awkward positions under load.

Total knee replacement is the end result if knee osteoarthritis is so significant that discomfort when weight bearing is close to constant. Arthritic changes are graded 1-4 with 1 being minimal and 4 being full loss of chondral surface cartilage.