Author: Michael Ranger

Knee injuries

The knee is a particularly important hinge joint that connects our thigh to our lower leg. The bend available at the knee joint allows us to clear our foot and toes from the ground when we are walking and in conjunction with the hip and ankle, flex and extend at complimentary angles for best motion.

Injury to the knee can be debilitating due to it being a weight baring joint required for all upright locomotion.

Patellofemoral joint pain (PFJ) tends to cause significant pain particularly with deep knee flexion positions and walking down stairs and down hill.

Traumatic knee injuries caused by impact, twist and turn mechanisms while working or playing sport include ligament and cartilage injuries. Sports such as football, netball, rugby, lacrosse and hockey are sports that tends to have a high incidence of ACL and other ligament injuries. Cartilage can also be impacted through excessive use and awkward positions under load.

Total knee replacement is the end result if knee osteoarthritis is so significant that discomfort when weight bearing is close to constant. Arthritic changes are graded 1-4 with 1 being minimal and 4 being full loss of chondral surface cartilage.

Self treatment packs

Recently, as part of the ongoing relationship Physio Plus Footscray has with the Maribyrnong City Council (MCC) in providing best practice early intervention programs for all staff, 150 self treatment packs including trigger point therapy balls, self treatment instruction and exercise sheets and tips and tricks on minimising the chance of injury information were put together by the Physio Plus Footscray team. We can’t wait to hear how well all the MCC staff are going treating themselves and their loved ones at the end of their working day.

To be the most functional and effective version of yourself, you need to spend a little bit of time making sure that you are firing on all cylinders. Don’t neglect yourself, you are important!

Safe return to sport

The weather is warming up all around Australia and both summer sports and winter sport pre-seasons are now getting underway. Safety on return to play and training is paramount, particularly after interrupted winter programs due to Australia wide restrictions on participation.

There are a few very important things to consider when returning to your chosen sport or area of physical activity given the way your body’s tolerance to most activities will have been reduced through the last 6 months.

Good preparation is important as well as gradual build up of load so that your body has the best chance of coping. Good technique through training sessions will help you prevent injury. The following points should go a long way to reducing your risk of injury on return to sport/activity/play.

  • Active warm up and warm down, made up mostly of the movements and actions that you expect to need for your session, are very protective for your body.
  • Hydration prior to training will reduce the likelihood of dehydration. Dehydration can impact both your physical and psychological performance through increasing heart rate, impairing aerobic performance, impairing judgement and reaction times as well as increasing the likelihood of cramps and impacting recovery.
  • Avoid too much too soon. Your brain will attempt telling you that you can ‘pick up where you left off’. Unfortunately, the tissues involved in training don’t completely agree. Tissue tolerance requires regular and graduated load for safe tolerance. With that in mind, return to training at a level lower than your last regular session, listen to your body after exercise and aim to increase your following session guided by how you felt the day after your session.
  • Program some active rest days into your program that involve exercises and activities different to the weight bearing exercise that makes up the majority of your training. Cross training sessions including bike/spin sessions, swimming (once you’re allowed to) and rowing machine or upper body ergo machines are a great way to get your heart pumping without pounding your legs too much.
  • Don’t be afraid to reduce your session if you are feeling vulnerable or are experiencing pain more than training discomfort. Excellent that you want to ‘push’, however if you exert yourself past your point and pain and cause damage or an injury you’ll be missing at least a few sessions after. Listen to your body, pain can be a sign that your body is not adapting to your exercise load. You are far better to reduce your current session as required so that you are able to continue consistent training. Little bits of training regularly are far better than a lot of training rarely.
  • Include strengthening exercises and mobility training with your sport specific sessions. There is no doubt that sport specific training sessions are fantastic for game day prowess. These in conjunction with a well rounded stability and strength program will reduce your risk of injury and have you running rings around your competition that have only been completing sport specific drills.
  • Gradually reintroduce different surfaces, footwear and changes of direction. Similar to gradually increasing training volume, surfaces, footwear and twisting and turning all create different forces on the body. Start slow with a couple of minutes at the end of your session and increase the amount of the variables as the weeks go by.
  • Consult your local physiotherapist or health professional should you experience any discomfort or dysfunction that is limiting your output. A well directed return to sport program can be money well spent in saving you lost time with injury and improving your function.

For more detailed information on area specific injury and advice please visit or book an appointment to speak to an expert today.

Your health is important

Your health is important!

Don’t let your health needs, both physical and mental, go unchecked unnecessarily. Without feeling like a well functioning, adequately rested and emotionally stable and happy self, you are never going to be able to attack life with your normal vigour and assist and help others achieve the same.

The events of 2020, in particular Covid-19, have absolutely made us think about things differently. Please don’t feel like it is against the rules or selfish to seek care if you have aches or pains, thoughts or emotions that in normal circumstances you would have got on top of quickly and put behind you. Preventing deterioration of your functional independence, conservatively managing issues that in normal circumstances may have been seen by a specialist or operated on sooner and preventing significant increases in resting pain are all prime examples of reasons for you to get the care you need now.

Your optimal function and health is allowed and currently possible by seeking the expert advice of your local allied health professionals, psychologists, doctors and care givers.

Don’t delay! Speak to your trusted professionals today and be ready to attack life once the world is again what it used to be.

Pre and Post Pregnancy Exercise Group

From our Mackay premises, we offer group exercise classes that specifically target the areas of the body most vulnerable during the rigors of pre and post birth.

Our classes are run by expertly trained and skilled practitioners who have post graduate physiotherapy qualifications and dozens of years combined experience. Classes completed in the clinic utilise our Pilates reformer beds and home programs are designed on a floor based lumbopelvic control and Pilates model that allow continuation of your training in the comfort of your own home.

There is no need to feel that your discomfort from pelvic instability, low back pain or general feelings of malaise are simply part of the pregnancy and birthing experience. All of the symptoms associated with these issues, and many more, can be reduced significantly through regular training and the completion of individualised and appropriately graduated programs designed by the fantastic team at Physio Plus.

Our boutique classes are run regularly and can be booked either by calling and speaking to one of our exceptional administrative team or online via Make a Booking.


Queensland Cross Country

Jade 2020 QLD XC Championships

September the 5th saw Jade Bidgood compete in the 2020 Queensland Athletics Cross Country Championships held at Limestone Park.

Jade tore through the 10000m course finishing the Open Mens 10000m in a fantastic 13th place.

Well done Jade.

Jade obviously has a keen interest in the treatment of athletes, particularly runners. If you feel that Jade’s expertise could be of assistance in getting the most out of your running, please contact the clinic or book an appointment online with Jade today.

Yvette Porter – Staff Profile

Over the last decade, Yvette has honed her skills in delivering first class Exercise Physiology to a huge number of Whitsunday coast locals.
Yvette has a strong sporting background as a competitor which gives her an insight into both the competitor and allied health professional perspectives of elite management of performance and function. With a focus on maximising optimal movement patterns and strength associated with these required patterns, Yvette is able to have her patients gain the most benefit from a structured and specific program.
As an accredited Level 2 KLT certified coach, Yvette has a vast array of exercise options in her battery allowing her the ability to best allocate exercises to patients of all skill, fitness and functional levels, from chronic conditions to elite athlete management.
Yvette is an enthusiastic and driven health care professional that is fantastically equipped to assist minimising your pain and improving your day to day strength and comfort through individualised direction and guidance.
Book an appointment, face to face or via telehealth, with Yvette today at

Covid Safe Plan

Covid Safe Plan – Physio Plus

In these currently challenging times we are doing our best to continue to provide the optimal care for everyone while at the same time maintain safety for all patients and staff.

With the recent move to Stage 4 restrictions in metro Melbourne we are doing the following to comply with all current health directives:

Attendance at Physio Plus for staff and patients:
– Masks will be worn by all attending patients and administrative staff. Clinicians will wear both face masks and face shields as directed by the DHHS.

– We are maintaining social distancing by maintaining confined space limits & separating waiting area furniture.

– We are greeting with a smile and a wave rather than shaking hands etc.

– Hand sanitiser is available on entry.

– Email and text reminders to all about symptom and health awareness. Follow up phone calls will be completed to ensure that patients attending are not suffering any symptoms consistent with Covid or awaiting Covid testing results.

– Clinical staff will not attend work should they be suffering any symptoms consistent with Covid or awaiting Covid test results.

– We are constantly cleaning all common surfaces.

– Clinicians will be the only ones touching consultation room door handles to decreased risk of patients touching common surfaces.

– We are asking patients to swipe/tap their own private health/eftpos cards rather than passing their cards to administrative staff.

– No pens will be shared. If you are required to fill out a form, you can keep your pen as a momento.

– Online bookings are still available to patients. Following a booking being made, administrative staff will be in contact with the patient to ensure that they require a face to face consultation and are feeling 100% (apart from their presenting complaint). If deemed appropriate, telehealth appointments will be encouraged.
Distancing measures at Physio Plus:
– Reception furniture has been removed to allow adequate distance between all chairs.
– Patients are asked to only arrive at the time of their appointment and can otherwise wait in their car to be let know when the clinician is ready to take them in.
– One on one consultations only with additional members of the patient’s party currently not allowed into the consultation room except for extenuating circumstances and currently reside or are a family member of the patient.
– All patients attending are required to abide by required distancing rules.
– Where ever possible, telehealth appointments are being utilised to minimise the need for face to face consultations.
Cleanliness and sanitation at Physio Plus:
– All common surfaces will be cleaned between each patient.
– Clinical staff will be the only ones touching their door furniture and they will wipe down anything touched by the previous patient before bringing the next patient in.
– Hand washing protocol print outs take pride of place in the bathrooms with soap and hand towels available for use. Hand sanitiser is available on reception desk for use on entry and exit.
– All payments will be contactless with administrative staff talking each patient through the process of swiping/tapping cards as required on payment.
– There will be no magazines or other common area reading material available.
Working at Physio Plus:
– All staff are required to have completed Department of Health assigned CovidSafe training. Certificates on display at reception.
– All staff will be issued with Permitted Worker Permits that will be available at any time requested by authorities.
– Clinical staff will treat for their entire session/day from the one consultation room. These rooms will then be cleaned thoroughly before use the following session or day.
– Rostering has been arranged to decrease number of clinicians and administrative staff in with the practice at any one time.
– Telehealth will be encouraged for all patients possible to decrease number of patients requiring time in the practice.
– Masks will be worn by all administrative staff. Clinicians will wear both face masks and face shields as directed by the DHHS.
Covid reporting at Physio Plus:
– All patients, as is normal practice, will leave full name and contact details in the event that they need to be contacted should a positive case of Covid occur at Physio Plus.
– In the instance that a staff member or patient reports a positive Covid test result, Physio Plus Footscray will immediately notify DHHS and all staff members.
– Physio Plus Footscray will then carry out the following staged plan as per DHHS direction.
– Should a staff member test positive for Covid then all members of the team will be required to undertake Covid tests themselves before isolating. DHHS protocols will then be used for return to work.
– Should a patient test positive for Covid, the clinician that treated that patient will be required to undertake Covid testing, isolate and following DHHS protocols before returning to work.
– Permitted Worker Permits will only be valid during periods when staff are not in isolation or awaiting Covid test results. Permits will be reissued once all clear guided by DHHS protocols.
Please let any of us know if there is anything you feel we can do better. We are committed to Covid safe practice in the best interest of everyone.